A Parents Guide To The Controversial Rating

When production on “Borderlands” started, some were skeptical about certain creative decisions made by Lionsgate and director Eli Roth. Many hardcore fans of the game were particularly disappointed over casting choices, claiming that Cate Blanchett and Jamie Lee Curtis were too old to play Lilith and Dr. Patricia Tannis, respectively. While the film’s trailer proves that these are solid, star power-oriented casting decisions, many were left disappointed by the footage’s humor, and how the adaptation was trying to mimic the tone of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise. 

With viewer expectations already low, the news that “Borderlands” is rated PG-13 is leaving fans scratching their heads. “‘Borderlands’ got a PG-13 rating, this movie is going to be so very awful guys,” shared X user @MRIXRT. “The ‘Borderlands’ movie is rated PG-13 is just another nail in the metal infested coffin,” wrote @SpIinterCal. It’s not difficult to see why fans are disappointed. 

After all, the “Borderlands” games were successful largely because of their unhinged tone, which puts an emphasis on gratuitous violence. However, an R-rating would limit profits for Lionsgate, a problem for a studio that likely hopes to turn the film into a franchise. Ultimately, fans will just have to wait and see if “Borderlands” emerges as one of the worst video game adaptations of all time, or if it exceeds expectations. Anyone on social media knows that overreaction is common — especially when it comes to fan-favorite properties. 

“Borderlands” will hit theaters on August 9.

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