Deadpool Vs Wolverine: Who Is Stronger?

In the comics, Deadpool hasn’t always had the X-gene despite recent stories giving him one. Wade Wilson originally is a normal human on the verge of death due to numerous cancerous tumors. He later partakes in experiments courtesy of the Weapon X Program, the same organization that grafted adamantium on Wolverine’s bones to turn him into a living weapon. As a result, Wade develops a healing factor derived from Wolverine, becoming a largely unkillable mercenary due to his new powers. Along with skills as a fighter, including expertise in martial arts, Deadpool gains superhuman abilities alongside his healing factor, making him among the most indestructible heroes in the Marvel Universe. He’s effectively immortal, as he ages at a seriously decelerated rate.

Wolverine’s mutant powers include his impressive healing ability and superhuman senses such as super-smell and tracking. His most famous ability is his retractable claws, originally just his normal bones before the Weapon X Program coated them in the powerful adamantium metal. With his adamantium skeleton, taking out Wolverine is a near-impossible task — unless he’s against someone like Magneto capable of ripping out his metal bones – while also transforming his already dangerous claws into one of the most deadly attacks any mutant hero has. Meanwhile, his healing powers keep him alive for hundreds of years, as his aging is significantly decelerated.

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