Deadpool & Wolverine’s Place In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

Plot details on “Deadpool & Wolverine” are slim, with the trailers remaining vague about the film’s narrative and how Wolverine is alive in the threequel. The second “Deadpool 3” trailer might spoil how Wolverine gets to the MCU, and it has a whole lot to do with the Multiverse — and maybe even Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). 

Seeing as the Multiverse is at the heart of the new release, the creatives over at Marvel Studios likely found a convenient way to fold everything together neatly. 2022’s “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” managed to incorporate a Professor X (Patrick Stewart) variant without undoing anything from 20th Century Studios’ X-Men franchise, so viewers can likely rest easy knowing Wolverine and Deadpool’s timeline will be treated with respect. 

Now that we know that “Deadpool 3” takes place six years after the previous film, what exactly has been the mutant doing? Last we saw him, he was beefing with Cable (Josh Brolin) and getting up to time travel shenanigans. Unfortunately, things aren’t as good as they used to be for ol’ Wade Wilson. According to Total Film, the Merc with a Mouth has now become a failed car salesman who struggles to make rent. To make matters worse, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) is dating someone else. Ouch. 

“Deadpool & Wolverine” hits multiplexes on July 26.

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