How AI Is Creating Bedlam For Fans Craving a Sequel

While it’s unclear what the intent behind these “Coraline 2” videos are (besides fooling people), it’s fair to say that there are so many of them because there’s a considerable demand for a sequel. Internet and SEO trends likely indicate that fans are searching for “Coraline 2,” making these videos viable for their creators. Horror fans are continuing to take another look at “Coraline,” realizing it’s more than just a children’s film. Interest is obviously high, but there’s no “Coraline 2” in development as of this writing.

Travis Knight, the CEO of Laika, the company behind “Coraline,” spoke with Cartoon Brew in 2016 to explain why his studio doesn’t care to do sequels. “But I think if you look at where our industry is going, it’s dominated by franchises and brands, [redos], [remakes], sequels and prequels, where all these old presents are re-wrapped and offered up as new gifts,” he said, shutting down the idea of Laika ever returning to a property.

On the other hand, Neil Gaiman isn’t opposed to a “Coraline” sequel but also necessarily isn’t eager to cook one up. “What I’ve always said is that I wouldn’t have [to] do a ‘Coraline 2’ unless I could come up with a story that was as good as ‘Coraline 1,'” the writer told ComicBook. “And so far, I haven’t come up with [anything],” he added.

While a sequel isn’t being worked on, you can still get your spooky fix by watching these 30 creepy movies like “Coraline.” 

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