How George Lucas Really Feels About Disney’s Star Wars Projects

With his massive chunk of change, Forbes named George Lucas one of the richest celebrities in 2024, making the decision to cashout a comically lucrative one. Since the release of “The Force Awakens,” Lucas seems to have genuinely warmed up to Disney’s creative choices. While he’s not actively involved in any productions (no, that rumor of Lucas returning to Star Wars isn’t true), the creative has visited several sets, popping up on the lots for “The Mandalorian,” and “Solo.” 

Though Lucas has mostly kept quiet about mentioning or highlighting specific projects, creatives over at Lucasfilm have opened up about his positive feedback. “Andor” creator Tony Gilroy, who also worked on “Rogue One,” once said he had a 45 minute chat with Lucas about the prequel film. Similarly, franchise executive Pablo Hidalgo once revealed that Lucas was particularly enamored with “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” While the franchise is no longer his toybox, Lucas seems to be okay with Disney’s output. 

Lucas told the panel at Cannes that he decided to sell Star Wars to focus on his daughter and other efforts. “Well, I also dedicate myself through my foundation to supporting all types of film restorations around the world, and to collecting,” he said at the French festival, revealing what’s taking up most of his free time. Next year will also see the opening of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which the former filmmaker has been working on. 

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