MCU Costume Changes Marvel Fans Will Never Forgive

Sam Wilson’s first Captain America costume is comic-accurate perfection. Its predominantly white and blue color scheme with red and silver accents is as heroic as can be. Coupled with silver, blue, and red wings and Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) shield, you have a look fit to lead a new generation of Avengers. Unfortunately, it seems that Wilson’s next Cap suit is a massive downgrade compared to his “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” one, at least in the eyes of many an MCU fan. This is especially tragic since, at the time of publication, this suit hasn’t actually made it to the big screen yet.

Images of Cap’s new suit for “Captain America: Brave New World” have leaked online, and folks aren’t impressed. One Reddit user, u/Reddragon351, commented, “I never got why they even gave them suits in the shows if they immediately change them when the movie comes out,” highlighting the MCU’s constant outfit changes from Disney+ series to movies. “It straight up looks like he’s just wearing Steve’s suit and not his,” added u/DarkBomberX, and they’re not wrong. It very much evokes Rogers’ “Avengers” suit with its simple texture and vibrant blue. u/lkodl theorized that he could have to resort to using Rogers’ old suit during the film’s story, but still, it’s sad to see his awesome “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” outfit disappear so soon.

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