Ryan Reynolds’ Weird Avengers Instagram Post Could Mean Something Uncanny

A future Uncanny Avengers project wouldn’t be out of the question, as the MCU has laid the groundwork for other Avenger subsets to emerge. “The Marvels” finally got the ball rolling on a “Young Avengers” project, and it’s possible “Thunderbolts*” could lead to “Dark Avengers” down the road. “Uncanny Avengers” could fit right in, although the MCU would need to introduce several more X-Men for it to make sense, and an X-Men movie isn’t even cast yet. Speculating on an Uncanny Avengers movie may be putting the wheel before the horse in this instance, as fans think the marked flag could mean something else. 

Ryan Reynolds is in full promotion mode for “Deadpool & Wolverine” at the moment, so the Reel most likely has something to do with that film. One intriguing concept is that this flag could appear when the titular heroes are in the Void, which could be an area filled with discarded villains and no Avengers. The “Deadpool 3” trailer had a ton of hidden details, including brief appearances from the likes of Lady Deathstrike (Kelly Hu) and Toad (Ray Park), among other former X-Men movie antagonists. It’s possible the Avengers flag with the Anarchist “A” simply shows how this land has devolved into anarchy with bad guys ruling over all. 

Then again, there’s a good chance Deadpool will play a role in upcoming Avengers movies, like “Secret Wars.” Maybe this flag is merely hinting how Deadpool alone will join the Avengers in the near future. If “Uncanny Avengers” happens, it’ll likely be a ways away, but there’s nothing stopping Deadpool from partnering up with some new buddies once he leaps through the Multiverse. 

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