The Miranda Cosgrove Rom-Com That Defied The Odds And Killed It On Netflix

Okay, so what is “Mother of the Bride” about in the first place? Apparently no relation to the “Father of the Bride” movies led by Steve Martin, “Mother of the Bride” stars Brooke Shields as Lana, whose daughter Emma (Miranda Cosgrove) returns home to San Francisco from London with a few announcements. Not only is she starting her own business, but she’s marrying her boyfriend RJ (Sean Teale) at a gorgeous resort in Thailand. Before she knows it, Lana is off to Thailand for her daughter’s wedding — and upon arrival, she makes a startling discovery. RJ’s father Will — played by rom-com veteran Benjamin Bratt — is a former boyfriend of Lana’s who never spoke to her again after they both graduated from Stanford University.

Obviously, hijinks ensue from there, and there’s immediate strife between the two families over the wedding. Largely, it’s because Lana feels left out; when Will gives the soon-to-be newlyweds a lavish New York apartment as a gift, Lana feels inadequate, and all of the wedding planning is being commandeered by brand management expert Camala (Tasneem Roc), leaving Emma and Lana to follow her lead. All’s well that ends well, though — Emma and RJ get married, and inexplicably, the film ends with Will and Lana ready to get married as well after years apart.

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