The Morgan Freeman Psychological Thriller That Blew Up On Netflix

“Kiss the Girls” is an adaptation of James Patterson’s best-selling novel of the same name. The book, which debuted in 1995, features the second appearance of Patterson’s beloved character Alex Cross. The detective has headlined over a dozen novels, emerging as one of Patterson’s most popular and beloved heroes. “Kiss the Girls” was the first film to adapt the character for the big screen. While it received mixed critical receipts, it was a decent success at the box office, grossing north of $60 million worldwide against a $27 million budget.

“Kiss the Girls” follows Alex Cross on a mission to find the serial killer Casanova in North Carolina. He teams up with Kate (Ashley Judd), a victim of the killer, to help bring the villain to justice. Those hoping for a lean psychological thriller should find Freeman’s leading man effort to be a solid watch. While it’s not as iconic as his “Driving Miss Daisy” role — which he almost didn’t get — it’s still a solid entry in his overall filmography.

The release was enough of a success to warrant a sequel titled “Along Came a Spider” in 2001 — also based on the Patterson novel of the same name. The follow-up, which grossed over $100 million, is streaming on Paramount+. Cross’ cinematic exploits would be rebooted in 2012’s “Alex Cross,” with Tyler Perry in the lead role. That thriller is available to rent on platforms like Apple and Amazon.

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