The Most Difficult Deadpool Questions Finally Answered

Before Deadpool was Deadpool, he was Wade Wilson – a good-looking, skilled military combatant struck down with cancer. Desperate for a cure, Wade agrees to take part in the Weapon X program for treatment. He gets it, and then some. Weapon X is actually a secret government program that creates superpowered mutants for militaristic purposes. To paraphrase the villainous Ajax in the 2016 “Deadpool” movie, Weapon X creates super slaves out of super soldiers. Oops!

Being turned into a super-powerful force to be reckoned with means Deadpool has regenerative healing powers, keen reflexes, excellent marksmanship, even more excellent sass-manship, ninja-like fighting prowess, the ability to speak multiple languages, and near-immortality. Sound like any other haunted, gruff superheroes you know? Who might rhyme with stool-verine?

“Weapon X, that’s a Roman No. 10,” Rob Liefeld told Vulture about Deadpool’s predecessor in Weapon X, Wolverine. He adds: “I said, ‘I want Deadpool to be Weapon 9. Like, before they made an omelette, they broke a lot of eggs, and Deadpool is one of the eggs that they broke.'” Oddly, Deadpool’s regenerative healing factor powers mean he can grow back a chopped-off head or hand, but he can’t heal his disfigurement or even cure his cancer. Does that make sense? No. But you know what they say, you can’t make a jacked-up omelette without breaking a few logic eggs.

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