This Godzilla Poster Made No Sense

Like the two aforementioned Reddit users, many poked fun at the seemingly nonsensical nature of the “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” poster. Yes, Godzilla is absolutely massive, but in the middle of the ocean even he’d be entirely submerged without something to keep him afloat. Yet some on Reddit took the matter of the poster’s improbability seriously, coming up with fascinating theories that make his ability to stand largely above water a bit more plausible. Some of the most compelling stem from Godzilla’s physiology and his unique adaptations.

“Idk if y’all are serious about this but he can probably control his [buoyancy],” commented u/KitFlame42, while u/SolarWolf221 went on to claim that Godzilla’s control over his buoyancy is also likely why he’s shown in the MonsterVerse to be such a skilled combatant in water and zero gravity environments. But u/francoeyes wondered if Godzilla’s atomic breath had something to do with it, writing, “The atomic breath is so powerful it actually pushed him up instead of down.” Then again, other adaptations have shown that Godzilla can fly (not that he ever should again), so maybe he’s simply levitating as he fires off his atomic breath.

Still, even though “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” consistently ranks among the worst “Godzilla” movies, this poster is solid. It’s largely well-designed and depicts the titular character as the near-unstoppable beast that he is. Of course, if you want this aura maintained, it’s best not to think about the fact that he’s inexplicably standing on water.

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