Why These DC Movies Bombed At The Box Office

One of the worst things filmmakers can do when making a superhero movie is to completely disregard the comics. This is what happened with Halle Berry’s “Catwoman” (2004), which bears no resemblance to the comics outside of the film’s title. Instead of Selina Kyle, Catwoman is Patience Phillips, and she has no connection to Batman or her comic book counterpart.

While some may be able to overlook that, comic book fans didn’t, and, more than that, it’s just a bad movie on every level. The script is terrible, the CGI is dreadful, and the costume Berry wears as Catwoman doesn’t make any sense. “Catwoman” cost $100 million to produce and only made $82 million at the box office.

The project being stuck in development hell for a long time didn’t help matters, costing the film any continuity with the established “Batman” films. The movie was so bad that it won four Razzies, including one for Berry, who accepted the “award” in person while holding her best actress Academy Award. Like Ryan Reynolds with “Green Lantern,” at least she had a sense of humor about her DC bomb.

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