11 Movie Monsters That Are More Powerful Than Godzilla

Pazuzu, the antagonist of “The Exorcist,” has affinities for priests, pea soup, and petty vandalism. That’s not a great start when it comes to fighting Godzilla, but if the two were ever to end up in a battle, the ancient demonic entity would likely come out on top, and here’s why. Pazuzu has been at this whole demon thing for a long time, which means he’s had many years to hone his skills and drills. In fact, he’s one of the few movie monsters that potentially predates Godzilla as an ostensibly immortal and timeless being.

As a spiritual entity, Pazuzu is invulnerable to just about anything the mortal realm can throw at him. If the physical form he is inhabiting comes under attack, he can simply weasel his way into the next human or beast that comes along and then rinse and repeat. Once inside a being, the ancient villain has a whole arsenal of demonic tricks at his disposal. He can levitate, making him a worthy adversary for Godzilla should the lizard choose to use his powerful breath like a jetpack as he did in “Godzilla Vs. Hedorah.”

As those who have seen “The Exorcist” know, Old Patzy also has telekinetic abilities that can move matter. Sure, shaking a bed around isn’t going to intimidate the king of the monsters, but this ability opens up a whole host of potential. If he put his mind to it, he could literally move mountains, which just so happen to be one of the few things on Earth that could crush Godzilla. And, if push came to shove and nothing else worked, Pazuzu could just possess the beast and call it a day.

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