13 Little Known Facts About Melissa Barrera

Given her well-established love for “In the Heights” that goes back years before she was ever cast in the movie (or had even become a professional entertainer), it probably isn’t easy for Melissa Barrera to pick a favorite song from the musical. But, when asked by Cosmopolitan which song from the musical resonated the most with her personally, her answer was emphatic. “‘It Won’t Be Long Now,’ is literally, I feel like, the anthem of my life,” she answered. 

She went on to explain in detail just why the song has so much significance for her: “[T]he thing that has kept me going in the difficult times, in the down times of not knowing when I’m gonna work again or getting rejected from roles that I really want and being in such low, dark places that you want to give up and throw the towel in, is thinking that, ‘it won’t be long now.’ That I’m getting closer. That I’m getting closer to my dream.”

That behind-the-scenes inspirational drama might make you want to rewatch “In the Heights” and appreciate its story on a whole other level.

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