20 Things I Learned After Rewatching The Hunger Games Series

If you haven’t watched “The Hunger Games” in a while and were thinking that doing so now might make some of the deaths a little easier to take, then you should think again. In this case, time is not a healer, and knowing that certain characters are going to die gruesome deaths does nothing to lessen the impact of their departure.

Considering that the series is focused on a deadly competition where children are forced to fight to the death until just a single victor remains, it isn’t all that shocking that there is a lot of death in “The Hunger Games” and its sequels. Even after all this time has gone by, it can be shocking to once again see how much death and destruction there is.

Worse, though, is the fact that you can happily fall in love with these characters again and become attached to them all while knowing what fate has in store for them. This makes the entire viewing experience have a sense of dread as you are waiting for your favorites to be brutally killed off.

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