25+ Best Christmas SMS Marketing Templates to Boost Sales 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and for e-commerce businesses, it’s a golden opportunity to boost sales and engage customers. One highly effective way to connect with your audience during Christmas is through SMS marketing. With the right SMS marketing templates for sale, you can spread festive cheer, promote special offers, and increase sales.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the 25+ best Christmas SMS marketing templates for 2023 to help you make the most of this joyful season.

1. The Classic Greeting

“Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy special discounts throughout the season. 🎅🎄

2. Santa’s Secret Deal

“Psst! Santa has a secret deal just for you. Use code ‘SANTA25’ for 25% off your holiday shopping. 🎁🤫”

3. Festive Flash Sale

“Hurry! Our Christmas flash sale is on. Save big on gifts for your loved ones. Limited stock available. 🌟🛍️”

4. Stocking Stuffer Surprise

“Get a free stocking stuffer with every purchase today. Unwrap the joy of Christmas with us. 🧦🎉

5. 12 Days of Discounts

“Countdown to Christmas with us! Enjoy daily discounts for the next 12 days. Today’s deal: 20% off. 📆🎉

6. Santa’s Workshop Sale

“Santa’s workshop is buzzing with deals. Explore our Christmas collection and save up to 30%. 🎁🛒

7. Gift Card Galore

“Not sure what to gift? Our Christmas gift cards are the perfect solution. Shop now and spread the love. 💌❤️

8. Naughty or Nice Offer

“Have you been naughty or nice this year? It doesn’t matter; our Christmas deals are for everyone. 🎅📜

9. Sleigh into Savings

“Sleigh into savings this Christmas! Shop now and enjoy free shipping on all orders. 🛷🌟

10. Tree-Trimming Sale

“Trimming the tree? Don’t forget to trim your expenses too. Christmas discounts await you. 🎄🔖

11. The Joy of Giving

“Experience the joy of giving this Christmas. Buy one, gift one to a friend. Spread happiness! 🎁❤️

12. Winter Wonderland Discounts

“Step into a winter wonderland of savings. Enjoy 15% off on all winter essentials. ️🧥”

13. Santa’s Helper Alert

“Santa’s little helpers are ready to assist you with your shopping. Chat with us for personalized gift ideas. 📲🎅

14. Midnight Madness Sale

“Stay up late with us for our midnight madness sale. Special deals await night owls. 🦉🌙

15. Festive Freebies

“Get a free holiday-themed gift with every purchase. Our way of spreading the joy. 🎁🎉

16. Christmas Countdown

“Only X days until Christmas! Hurry and grab your last-minute gifts with express shipping. ⏳🎄

17. The Gift of Time

“This Christmas, give the gift of time. Enjoy 10% off on all watches. Timeless presents for your loved ones. ❤️

18. Warm Wishes and Discounts

“Warm wishes from our family to yours. Enjoy exclusive Christmas discounts as our gift to you. 🎅🎁

19. Christmas Eve Surprise

“Unwrap a special surprise this Christmas Eve. Visit our store tomorrow for exciting deals. 🎁🌟

20. Thank You, Santa

“Santa has delivered! Use code ‘THANKSANTA’ for 15% off your Christmas haul. 🎅🛍️”

21. Share the Joy

“Share the joy of Christmas with friends. Refer a friend and get exclusive discounts for both of you. 💌🌟

22. Santa’s Bestseller

“Santa’s bestseller: [Product Name]. Get it now at a special Christmas price. Limited stock available. 🎅🏆

23. Merry & Bright

“Make your Christmas merry & bright with our festive collection. Shop now for holiday cheer. 🌟🎄

24. Santa’s Workshop Open

“Santa’s workshop is now open! Explore our Christmas collection and discover the magic. 🎁🏭

25. Countdown to Savings

“Countdown to Christmas savings begins now. Check our website daily for new deals. 📅💰

26. Twinkling Lights Sale

“Let your Christmas shine with twinkling lights and great discounts. Shop now for a sparkling holiday. ✨💡

Feel free to use these SMS marketing sales templates to create engaging and festive messages for your Shopify store’s Christmas campaign. Remember to personalize them to suit your brand’s voice and style. With these templates, you can spread the holiday spirit and boost sales during the most wonderful time of the year!

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