3 Best American Style Refrigerators

American style fridge freezer has now become a style statement for your kitchen. They are known for providing more space for storage. Apart from this, they can also preserve food for a longer duration of time. So, now you would not require to throw more food. On the other hand, these are the best refrigerator in India with a lot of storage space.

So, it is even more worthy and can be a style statement to your kitchen too. Today, we have come up with a buying guide which can help you choose the best American freezer for your home. These are discussed by the experts and then we have come up with the best results for you. So, let’s get started.

Beko ASGN542X side-by-side American fridge freezer

Now, it’s time to say goodbye to your traditional and normal fridges or freezers. Get a Beko ASCN542X freezer and bring home a super spacious fridge with a great design. This super spacious fridge can hold up to 30 bags of groceries in it, providing a greater space for your monthly fruits and vegetables at a single time. However, its technologies can even hold your groceries for a longer duration of time. The anti-bacterial seals and its twin cooling can restore temperature around the fridge within seconds once you open and close the door. But the best feature is the non-plumbed ice and water holder which can encourage people to drink more.

Specifications: –

  • 368 litres fridge/176 litres freezer net capacity
  • (H1790 x W910 x D720mm) dimension
  • Drawer is humidity-controlled
  • Side lighting (LED)
  • Quick control system
  • Frost free and fast freeze
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LG GSX961NSAZ – An American fridge

Here the technology which can show the contents inside your fridge without opening the door. You just have to tap on the door and the glass turns to transparent. Now, you can see the liquid contents inside your fridge without opening the door and letting the cold temperature of the fridge to fall. This fridge is designed with door in door and can find your most used items just on the front.

The non-plumbed ice and water dispenser makes it a good choice for large family. Now coming to the AI feature, you can even talk to your fridge using an app in your mobile to diagnose the problem. This AI feature can save a lot of your money in finding a mechanic and giving the diagnosis fees.

Specifications: –

  • 413 litres fridge to196 litres freezer net capacity
  • (H1780 x W912 x D715mm) dimension
  • Fast freezing technology and cool zone features
  • Drawer is humidity controlled
  • Wine rack and child lock
  • Non-plumbed and crushed ice dispenser

Caple CAFF27 – Side by Side American freezer

If you are looking for sleek finish fridge with handle less feature, then Caple CAFF27 is the best choice. It’s not only A+ rated but its electronic touch with a LED display makes it a wonderful home appliance for your kitchen. It also offers plenty of storage and its spill control glass shelves provides it a great look and classy feature.

Specifications: –

  • 320 litres fridge to 162 litres freeze, net capacity
  • (H1751 x W922 x D686mm) dimension
  • Auto defrost and LED lighting
  • Child lock and super freeze features

Hi-Sense RS696 side by side freezer

This may be a side by side and pocket friendly but the features are non-compromisable.  The plumbed ice and water dispenser can provide you an endless chilled drinks. You can put this inside an open kitchen and can even monitor its inside temperature with its monitoring technology. Get this freeze in black and stainless steel color and you can see your style statement going up within your friends and neighbours.

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Specifications: –

  • It comes in 367 litres fridge to 168 litres freezer capacity
  • H1786 x W910 x D743mm in dimension
  • Super cool and non- frost feature
  • Fast freeze and holiday mode is also available

Wrapping it up-

An ice and water dispenser is a must to have feature which is available in all the above American fridge. So, it’s wonderful to have a chilled ice for your drink or get a non-frosted chilled water in hot summer. So, choose wisely and only grab one which is useful for your home and comes under your budget.

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