A TikTok Theory May Explain The Twisted Origins Of Disney Villain Dr. Facilier

The many mysteries behind Dr. Facilier have only added to his intrigue, as it’s clear that there’s more to the animated antagonist than could fit into the runtime of “The Princess and the Frog.” As a result, many believe that he deserves a spin-off movie.

Disney is no stranger to giving its famous villains more time to shine. Movies such as 2014’s “Maleficent” and 2021’s “Cruella” gave new depth to these iconic characters that their original films were unable to provide. Diving deep into Facilier’s origins, particularly his relationship with the Shadow Man and Mama Odie, would make for an engrossing story. Fans are eager to see how devious the doctor can get, such as Redditor u/letemfight who suggested, “A Dr. Facilier origin story that plays like a voodoo ‘Uncut Gems’ would be amazing.” Keeping Facilier’s evil ways intact could solve the overly sympathetic take that Disney’s past villain-origin movies have suffered from.

But u/Yotato5 thinks another aspect is equally important. “It’d be nice if they could bring in Keith David for some part of it ’cause his voice is part of what makes Dr. Facilier so cool,” they stated. It seems David wouldn’t shut down the opportunity. On X (formerly known as Twitter), the celebrated performer commented on a live-action “The Princess and the Frog” remake rumored to be in the works, stating, “I’m not sure if this is true, but I do know that Disney has not asked me to reprise the role of Dr. Facilier!” Safe to say, David has no shortage of friends (on the other side) who’d be thrilled to see him make a comeback. 

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