Actors Who Married Their Directors

You may have assumed that we were going to discuss Kate Winslet’s marriage to Sam Mendes when you saw her name on this list, but Winslet and Mendes had already been married for several years when they made 2008’s “Revolutionary Road” together. We’re actually referring to Winslet’s previous marriage to filmmaker Jim Threapleton, who courted the star in the late ’90s after meeting her while making the 1998 film “Hideous Kinky,” the movie she made right after “Titanic.”

Threapleton was an assistant director on “Hideous Kinky,” the tale of an English woman who relocates to Morocco with her two young daughters. As dramatic as the film is, it seems that the romance between Winslet and Threapleton was even more so, because they were soon married. It was “love at first sight,” the actor said. “Before I met Jim I was very much, ‘Oh I don’t believe in marriage,'” Winslet told The Guardian at the time. “But we don’t want to be without each other. Ever.”

They welcomed daughter Mia Threapleton in 2000, but the marriage didn’t last. Within a year of their daughter’s arrival, Winslet and Threapleton were done. It was an “amicable and respectful” split, Winslet’s rep said (via ABC News). Today, Mia Threapleton is an actor herself. She appeared alongside her mother in 2014’s “A Little Chaos,” and, more recently, they worked together on an episode of the female-led anthology series “I Am.” Winslet revealed that she was “blown away” by her daughter’s performance during an appearance on “Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg” (via People).

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