AI Reimagines John Wick In Different Countries

While the first “John Wick” flick is relatively low-key, subsequent pics in the action franchise became globe-trotting adventures, taking the hitman to Italy, Tokyo, Morocco, and France, just to name a few. Because the Continental network is international, it’s hard not to imagine Lionsgate not wanting to capitalize on the franchise’s momentum by giving it localized iterations. Perhaps these artificial intelligence-made images can help compel them.

Consider the image of a Russian John Wick, trading in his traditional suit for a heavy jacket and beanie, protecting him from the country’s infamous winters. That version of the character is even wearing aviators — making him one of the coolest out of the bunch. Another version of the character is imagined as Jamaican, with the hitman boasting dreadlocks. The possibilities are absolutely endless to take this franchise to every corner of the world. Plans are already in place for “Ballerina,” a spin-off flick featuring Ana de Armas as a ballerina out for revenge.

One version of the character that we definitely want to see is a Chinese John Wick. That iteration of the character from the Middle Kingdom is wearing a blood-red suit that’s adorned with traditional Chinese imagery and symbolism. Or how about an Irish John Wick, who is seen sporting a bright green suit? Seeing as UFC icon and native Irishman Conor McGregor is making his cinematic debut with “Road House,” one can’t help but imagine how the fighter would excel in the franchise.

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