Al Pacino’s Awkward 2024 Oscars Flub Made A Mess Of The Night’s Biggest Award

Traditionally, the Best Picture presenter lists the nominees before reciting the famous “And the Oscar goes to…” and announcing the winner. Maybe Al Pacino thought the ceremony was running a bit long, so he decided to keep things brief so that everyone could start going to afterparties. Regardless, his reading was the most memorable aspect of the evening for many and led to a flurry of hot takes.

X user @mellabee_29 couldn’t have been happier with how Pacino’s presentation went: “Al Pacino not even presenting the rest of the nominations and going straight to the winner is such a hilarious yet Oscar worthy performance in its own right.” On a night filled with pomp and circumstance, @malikuzumakii found it humorous how low-key Pacino’s delivery was: “Al pacino gives the most anti-climactic oscar win ever lmaoo.”

That’s not even getting into the litany of memes and gifs people have come up with for the occasion. X user @megclecticmusic joked about how the Academy wanted Pacino to read off all 10 nominees, which is followed by the classic gif of the woman saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Granted, at least Pacino said the correct movie’s name, as opposed to the infamous incident during the 2017 ceremony where “La La Land” was announced as the best picture winner before it was corrected to the actual winner — “Moonlight.” 

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