Alleged Leak Shows What Happens During [SPOILER]’s Death

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine brutally murdering Tyler Mane’s Sabretooth may be a nod to a memorable Marvel Comics story. In “Wolverine” #55 (by Jeph Loeb, Simone Bianchi, and Andrea Silvestri), Wolverine decides to end Sabretooth’s life after the out-of-control mutant kills Feral. To take Victor Creed out, Logan retrieves the Muramasa Blade, a weapon designed to eliminate his most savage form (should it ever be unleashed), which slows down healing factors and is capable of killing thought-to-be-unkillable foes. Wolverine wastes little time when Sabretooth attacks, cutting off his arm with the sword. Sabretooth tries to reattach his arm but quickly discovers the weapon halts his usual healing. In a gory scene, Wolverine uses the blade to finish the job, slicing off Sabretooth’s head as his bloodied corpse falls to the ground.

The “Deadpool 3” set photos show Wolverine killing Sabretooth with his claws, not the Muramasa Blade, so it’s unlikely the scene will play out like it does in the comics. But the result is the same: Wolverine finally takes down his brother in one of the darkest ways imaginable. Considering Deadpool’s participation in Sabretooth’s death, it’s safe to assume that the moment will be much more humorous than the uber-serious sequence in the comics.

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