Anne Hathaway Is Relieved Her Barbie Film Was Never Made

Ultimately, Anne Hathaway has no regrets about not leading the “Barbie” movie, which was only a possibility for her after comedian Amy Schumer left the Sony version before Hathaway even signed on. Schumer, for her part, has been extremely vocal about how Sony’s take on the historic doll wasn’t for her. The plot of her film — and presumably Hathaway’s — would have centered around a Barbie doll expelled from Barbie Land for not being physically beautiful enough. Schumer was also open about how the studio sent her a pair of designer shoes as a gift and wanted Barbie to invent a high heel made out of Jell-O.

Based on the version the world did get, where Margot Robbie’s Barbie experiences an existential crisis and must find the root of it in the real world, Greta Gerwig and Robbie created the best possible version of Barbie. Hathaway agreed with that thought pretty readily on “Happy Sad Confused,” and thinks it bodes well for more female voices in the entertainment industry.

“If I believed that the version I was attached to could have done that, I might feel differently about it, but I genuinely think their film was the best possible version,” Hathaway said on the podcast. “It’s easy just to be thrilled and happy [for them]. I love watching women kill it. To do so well, so undeniably that they actually had to write new records … come on! I think it will probably make things better.”

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