Argylle’s John Cena Reveals The WWE Philosophy That Helps Him Tackle Smaller Roles

John Cena is considered one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history, and like many other wrestlers before him — including legends like Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and Roddy Piper — Cena decided in the mid-2000s to try his luck at acting. He has since become a bona fide movie star, joining wrestlers like Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista who have successfully made the transition to the screen.

But Cena says that the lessons he learned during his years as a wrestler apply to playing a role onscreen no matter how big it is. “I take a philosophy from WWE,” he says. “I’ve been the first match, I’ve been the middle match, I’ve been the main event, and I’ve been everything in between. I think knowing what your objective is and knowing where you fall in the scope of the show in WWE terms helps. Just do the best you can with what you’re given and realize that the world does not revolve around you.”

Cena adds that it’s important to realize that whether you are the star attraction or a supporting player, you’re still part of an ensemble. And if you complete your assignment correctly, you will only help the other actors and filmmakers by making their jobs easier.

“If you can make your presence and your opportunity impactful without going into business for yourself, so to speak, that’s a good day for everybody,” he explains. “The director’s going to have a great time on the cut and edit, you’re gracious enough to the other performers, and you understand the scope of field and the entire story. You don’t have to overreach. You don’t have to always try to add, add, add. Just do well with what you have and do the best with what you have and be coachable.”

“Argylle” is out in theaters on Friday, February 2.

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