Armie Hammer & Dev Patel’s Hotel Mumbai hits Netflix’s Top 10

The underdogs-versus-terrorists plot of “Hotel Mumbai” may make it seem like just another movie that ripped off “Die Hard,” but that isn’t the case. While it boasts some of the hallmarks of the prototypical action-packed siege thriller, Dev Patel assured audiences that it wasn’t another riff on John McTiernan’s action classic, nor is it exploitative of a real-world tragedy.

“We weren’t going to make a Die Hard or a movie where the handsome American hero saves the day,” he told Newsweek. “Even if your character was doing something selfless, firing a gun never turns into a “cool moment.” And Anthony was bold enough to give screentime to the terrorists, including a scene where one of the [them] calls home; you start to understand the socioeconomic situations that breeds such mindsets.”

“Hotel Mumbai” is a thought-provoking action movie that eschews popcorn thrills to highlight real heroes and the harrowing ordeal they experienced. The film isn’t easy to watch, but it’s proof that action movies can be much more than mindless entertainment, and it’s a story that highlights real horrors that actual people had to deal with.

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