Avatar 3 Producer Jon Landau Shoots Down Rumored Eyebrow Raising Subtitle

In 2019, Cameron confirmed a report that claimed to possess a list of potential “Avatar” sequel titles. The list included “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which went on to become the name of the second film, “Avatar: The Seed Bearer,” which Jon Landau has now officially removed from the running, “Avatar: The Tulkun Rider,” and “Avatar: The Quest for Eywa.” Since “The Way of Water” features both the Tulkun, Pandora’s hyper-intelligent space whale species, and a young Na’vi, Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), who bonds with them, “The Tulkun Rider” is still a viable subtitle for the “Avatar” franchise. However, the third film presumably takes place near the volcano that houses the Ash People, so it seems unlikely that the Tulkun will enjoy a high profile in the near future, though Cameron has already offered a deep dive into the relationship between the Na’vi and the Tulkun, so there’s no question they will eventually come back.

Assuming that Cameron still intends to give “Avatar 3” one of the already confirmed subtitles, that leaves just “The Quest for Eywa” in the running. That said, as Eywa is the only known Na’vi deity, this feels more like an endgame title for either “Avatar 4” or “Avatar 5” rather than a plausible selection for the middle installment. “Avatar 3” is currently in post-production, as it was filmed back-to-back with “The Way of Water.” No doubt, when Cameron is more confident in the project’s progress, he will attach a subtitle … hopefully one that doesn’t call to mind middle school humor.

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