Axel F Trailer Revives Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley

It only took one person to convince Eddie Murphy to do “Beverly Hills Cop IV.” After he heard that “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Beverly Hills Cop II” producer Jerry Bruckheimer was back on board after sitting out the third movie, Murphy was ready to revisit his iconic role. As a bonus for longtime franchise fans, Murphy and Bruckheimer aren’t the only familiar faces on board the project. The movie also brings back Judge Reinhold’s Billy Rosewood, John Ashton’s John Taggart, and Bronson Pinchot’s Serge from “Beverly Hills Cop III.” As we see in the new teaser trailer, the film also ushers in some newcomers. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Detective Bobby Abbott and Kevin Bacon’s Captain Grant seem to step in as by-the-book cops who treat Foley’s unconventional methods with suspicion, and Paul Reiser plays Jeffrey Friedman, the protagonist’s friend and colleague.  

For now, it remains to be seen whether the usual things that happen in every “Beverly Hills Cop” movie will recur here. However, the trailer does wheel out a remix of the classic theme song, reveals that Foley is still keeping himself active on the field, and makes it extremely clear that he hasn’t mellowed with age. It seems that “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” might be just what the franchise needs to end on a high and hilarious note.

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