Best SaaS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for Hiring Process

Finding the right person for a job can be tough, especially for big companies that need lots of skilled people to keep everything going well. Even if some parts of the hiring process are the same for everyone who applies, they can’t be one-size-fits-all. Each job, including what you need to know and be good at, has its own requirements. If you don’t use personalized ways to find the right people, it might not work well, and you might hire the wrong people, which can cost a lot of money.

But it’s not easy to hire people smoothly without computer assistance. And testing different software solutions to find one that really works takes too much time. This can lead to more problems and the loss of important information. Plus, you might miss out on the best candidates. To make your hiring process better, you should use special software called applicant tracking software. This will help you avoid these problems.

Many websites say they’re the only solution you need to keep track of job applicants. But some are better because they have more helpful features. Here we have discussed one of the best applicant tracking system that can give you a complete solution without making you waste a lot of time looking at different choices.

Discovered ATS: A Game-Changer in Talent Acquisition

In the world of talent acquisition, Discover ATS is making a significant impact. It simplifies the hiring process by providing access to a vast global network of job boards and expertly optimized career pages. But that’s just the beginning; it also streamlines vendor management and supercharges your employee referral program.

Where Discovered ATS truly shines is in its ability to make precise hiring decisions. With over 40 pre-employment assessments, automated reference checks, custom interview guides, and expertly designed behavioral-based questions, it provides unmatched insights to ensure you’re hiring the right candidates with confidence.

What sets Discovered ATS apart is its customizable ATS dashboard, tailored to meet your unique needs. It’s not just software; it’s a transformation in the way organizations hire, ensuring top talent is always within your grasp throughout the hiring process. If you’re looking for a game-changing solution in talent acquisition, Discovered ATS is the answer.

Improve Your Hiring Process with Discovered ATS Primium Features

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Say goodbye to hiring hassles and embrace efficiency with Discovered ATS’s Applicant Tracking System. It is like your hiring assistant, making the entire recruitment process smoother and more efficient. Its robust ATS dashboard is highly customizable to align perfectly with your company’s unique needs, industry preferences, and size. It ensures you never lose sight of exceptional candidates throughout the recruitment journey. Save countless hours on candidate organization, application collection, reference checks, and collaboration with your team.

Employee Assessment Software

Prolonged hiring processes can cost your company valuable candidates, but Discovered ATS changes the game. Their automation-driven workflows, rooted in industry best practices, significantly reduce the time required to find the perfect fit for your roles. Don’t miss out on top talent due to a slow hiring process.

Workflow Management

The Discovered ATS platform is run entirely by their Workflow Management and Automation module. This feature frees up your time so you can concentrate on what really matters—finding and recruiting the best applicants. It does this by getting rid of repetitive manual activities, streamlining data storage, streamlining communication, and cutting hiring time by over 50%.

Automated Reference Checking

Checking references is a vital hiring step, yet it’s often skipped due to doubts about the feedback received. Discovered ATS changes the narrative. Their Automated Reference Checker removes the hassle and delivers scientifically proven insights from candidate references, giving you confidence in your hiring decisions.

One-Way Video Interview

In an era of remote work and virtual interactions, the Discovered ATS One-Way Video Interview feature shines. Candidates conveniently record responses to interview questions, boosting hiring efficiency while allowing you to assess qualifications and personalities effectively.

Candidate Scorecards

Evaluating and comparing candidates can be a challenging task. Discovered ATS introduces the concept of candidate scorecards. This feature enables you to rate and assess candidates based on predetermined criteria, making it easier to identify the top talent for your organization.

Interview Guides

Say goodbye to poor interviewing practices and their costly consequences. Discovered ATS Power Interview Guides, developed with 30 years of hiring expertise, equip you with the tools needed for successful interviews that lead to better hires.

Performance Management Tool

Once you’ve hired the best candidates, it’s essential to keep track of their performance. Discovered ATS extends its functionality beyond the hiring process by providing a performance management tool. It allows you to set performance goals, track progress, and provide feedback to help your employees succeed. With this tool, you can make significant change and say goodbye to uninspired performance assessments.


Discovered ATS emerged as the best SaaS Applicant Tracking System for your hiring needs. It streamlines your recruitment process, simplifies candidate assessment, and even supports you in managing employee performance. With features like one-way video interviews, candidate scorecards, and DISC assessments, it equips you with the tools you need to make informed hiring decisions.

So, if you’re looking for a user-friendly and comprehensive ATS to revolutionize your hiring process, look no further than Discovered ATS. It’s not just an ATS; it’s your partner in finding the right talent to drive your organization’s success. Say goodbye to the hiring headaches of the past and embrace the future of recruitment with Discovered ATS! Book a demo today.

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