Brendan Fraser Is The Link In A Forgotten Movie Multiverse

Link’s inclusion in multiple Pauly Shore movies opens up some interesting possibilities. The Reddit user has one theory about why there are so many Pauly Shores in this world: “They could either be clones (think ‘Orphan Black’), twins, or Stoney had to go into hiding and Link is watching over him.” That’s, of course, assuming all these films take place in the same world. However, one must consider the possibility of a multiverse scenario where Link has somehow gained access to several different dimensions. If he can get frozen and move forward in time, he could easily move through realities based on movie logic.

When considering the multiverse, it’s possible Link is destined to always meet with a Pauly Shore character. They may look the same across realities, but they have different names and pursuits for myriad reasons. It’s possible Link could create a Nexus Event if he doesn’t meet up with Pauly Shore, creating a branched timeline that requires pruning, as seen on “Loki.” Then again, these may not be the same Link. While Pauly Shore can encompass different characters, Link could be a Nexus Being, effectively the same person across dimensions, such as J.K. Simmons always playing J. Jonah Jameson in various “Spider-Man” movies.

The discovery leads to a unique opportunity for any movie executive brave enough. After all, both the multiverse and Brendan Fraser are incredibly popular at this moment in time. Forget “Across the Spider-Verse.” We need “Across the Pauly Shore-Verse,” where Link saves every reality by befriending every Pauly Shore there is. Bring back Ke Huy Quan as Kim from “Encino Man,” and you have yourself a guaranteed billion-dollar hit.

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