Choosing The Perfect Septum Piercing Jewelry

When it comes to septum piercing jewelry, it’s essential to consider the specific piercing zone, as this area of the nose requires jewelry that fits comfortably and complements the piercing. The septum piercing is typically located in the thin strip of soft tissue between the nostrils, known as the “columella.”

Septum Piercing Jewelry 

Here’s how septum piercing jewelry is chosen with respect to the piercing zone:

Size Matters

The first consideration is the size of the jewelry. Rings, circular barbells, and clickers are commonly chosen for septum piercings.

Width and Thickness

The gauge (thickness) of the jewelry is also important. Standard septum jewelry typically ranges from 16 to 18 gauge. Ensure that the chosen gauge is suitable for your piercing to prevent discomfort or complications.

Style and Design

Septum piercing jewelry comes in various styles and designs. Some are minimalistic, while others are ornate and decorative. The choice depends on your personal style and the look you want to achieve.


The choice of material is essential for both safety and style. Surgical steel, titanium, and niobium are popular choices for septum piercing jewelry due to their hypoallergenic properties and durability.

Ease of Insertion

Clickers and septum retainers are favored for their ease of insertion and removal. Clickers, in particular, have a hinged design that simplifies the process.

Personal Aesthetic

Ultimately, your septum piercing jewelry should reflect your personal style and preferences. Some people opt for a discreet, simple piece, while others prefer bold, eye-catching designs. It’s all about showcasing your unique personality through your choice of jewelry.

How To Do Septum piercing 

Septum piercing is a popular form of body modification that involves piercing the soft tissue between the nostrils. It’s essential to have this procedure done by a professional piercer to ensure safety and minimize the risk of complications. Here’s an overview of the steps involved in getting a septum piercing:

Sterilization and Preparation

The piercer will thoroughly wash their hands and wear sterile gloves. They’ll prepare the piercing equipment, including needles and jewelry, which should be sterile and individually packaged.

Marking the Piercing Location

The piercer will mark the precise spot for the piercing on your septum using a surgical pen. They’ll consider the anatomy of your nose and the placement you desire.

Piercing Procedure

You’ll be asked to sit or lie down comfortably. The piercer will use a clamp or forceps to stabilize the septum tissue and then use a sterilized, hollow needle to create the piercing. The needle and threadless ends will be quickly and smoothly inserted through the marked spot.

Jewelry Insertion

Once the needle is through, the piercer will insert the chosen septum jewelry, which could be a ring, circular barbell, clicker, or retainer.

Securing the Jewelry

The piercer will ensure that the jewelry is securely in place and properly aligned. They may use pliers or other tools to close the jewelry if necessary.


When selecting septum piercing jewelry, it’s highly recommended to consult with a professional piercer who can guide you in choosing the right jewelry based on the size and position of your septum piercing. Their expertise will ensure a comfortable fit and a stunning look that suits your individual taste.

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