Daisy Ridley Movie Has Disastrous Box Office Opening Ahead Of Star Wars Return

Daisy Ridley has branched out since her last adventure in the galaxy far, far away. From tentpole blockbusters like “Chaos Walking” to lowkey dramas like “Sometimes I Think About Dying,” she seems interested in mixing it up with each new project. However, many Star Wars fans want to see her return to the franchise that made her an international star, and their wish will be answered in the near future.

“Star Wars: New Jedi Order” will take place 15 years after the events of “Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker” and chronicle Rey Skywalker on a brand-new adventure. Details about the project are sparse at the moment, but the story will reportedly follow Rey as she sets out to rebuild the Jedi Order following the collapse of the First Order.

It’s a shame that more people didn’t turn up for “The Marsh King’s Daughter,” as it’s the type of movie that highlights Ridley’s range as a performer. Still, the upcoming Star Wars movie is bound to generate heaps of excitement once more information becomes available.

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