Dark Phoenix For A Good Reason

The Phoenix Force has remained a prominent entity in Marvel Comics. Besides having different hosts over the years (Maya Lopez, aka Echo, is its current keeper), it was revealed in 2022 that the Phoenix played a crucial role in Thor’s early childhood. Not only did it serve as matchmaker between Odin and Thor’s biological mother, Gaea, but it also¬†passed some of its power onto the adorable little God of Thunder when it resurrected him after¬†he was killed shortly after being born.

It’s stories like this that, while ever so slightly bonkers, could work as a great buildup to integrating the Phoenix into the MCU and eventually covering the love triangle that didn’t get the correct treatment previously. After having already been adapted twice in live action, it would make for an intriguing storyline in the broader world of heroes and mutants whenever the X-Men become a more solid part of the MCU and not just limited to post-credits scenes.

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