Deadpool 3 Has An Incredible Hulk Easter Egg Only Marvel Fanatics Caught

After Pingo Doce became canonical in the MCU in “The Incredible Hulk,” ads for the drink have popped up in a few subsequent film and TV projects. These include “Ant-Man,” “What If…?,” and “I Am Groot.”

However, arguably the biggest reason the fictional soda’s footprint in the MCU is steadily growing is its prominence at the Avengers Campus sections of certain Disneyland theme parks. One of its attractions is the Pym Test Kitchen, a restaurant featuring menu items that appear to have been grown or shrunk in a lab. Pingo Doce is available in a standard soda cup courtesy of a modified Coca-Cola Freestyle machine or a large novelty Pingo Doce can.

So, while the Pingo Doce bottle in the “Deadpool & Wolverine” trailer is a fun Easter egg for big-time Marvel heads, Disney may also hope the reference sells a few more novelty cans at its theme parks.

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