Dune’s Sandworms Looked Even More Terrifying In Early Concept Art

The first thing that fans may see when they look at Seungjin Woo’s designs for the Sandworm is their similarity to the visuals in another popular science fiction franchise, “Stranger Things.” With the unfolding flower-type head that is reminiscent of the dreaded Demogorgon in the Netflix series, their gigantic maws are even more disturbing to look at than the final design.

The caption for Woo’s art reads, “Early sandworm concept arts I made for the Dune(2021) back in early 2018 and these were featured in the artbook of [the] film ‘The Art and Soul of Dune.'” While the first piece of art shows the massive open mouth of a Sandworm in relation to the size of a tiny bird in its maw, the second shows other key layers of the creatures.

Here, we see how small a person would be standing in front of a sandworm and also how tiny a rider from Arrakis (or Caladan, as the case may be) would be on its back. Along with the change in design, the size of the Sandworms also looks to be somewhat bigger than they appear in the first film. Of course, we will likely be seeing much larger Sandworms when “Dune: Part Two” arrives on March 15, 2024. In the meantime, art like this will likely make fans even more excited to see the second half of the story.

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