Endgame Look Terrifying Without Masks

Let’s talk lore. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Chitauri Gorillas are subordinate creatures that serve their masters, who in turn serve Thanos (Josh Brolin). They’re sheer walls of brute force and, when not facing the Avengers, can clean house whenever asked. Since the Chitauri Gorillas are actually on the field of battle, it’s safe to assume that they rank slightly higher than the Leviathans, who are just living public transportation … a really dumb idea, by the way.

It’s funny how the Chitauri were created for Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, a comic run that lasted from 2000 to 2015, and they were intended to replace the Skrulls as the most prevalent, evil, shapeshifting alien race. Attentive viewers will note that both have appeared in the MCU and only one of them keeps getting the cybernetic tushies handed to them by the Avengers. Also, only one of them kept their shapeshifting abilities. Neither outcome favors the Chitauri.

The bright side to coming in second is that the Chitauri get a little more narrative wiggle room than the Skrulls, whose powers and abilities are set in stone. Consider “Captain Marvel,” which showed the Skrull in a new light, only for that light to be almost completely removed for “Secret Invasion.” Conversely, the Chitauri can pretty much be whatever Marvel wants them to be because they simply don’t have multiple decades of lore cemented in the hearts and minds of the fandom. That’s how Jerad Marantz gets work. That’s how we get Chitauri Gorillas. Just … preferably with masks, next time. 

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