Everything We Know About Godzilla X Kong’s New Villain

It sure must get tough being one of the only Titans out there without an extra ability or two, a predicament Kong faces when he takes on the King of the Monsters in “Godzilla vs. Kong,” having to use a homemade ax to even the odds. Now it looks like he’ll have to don a new accessory to take on his next foe given the flicker of something extra that the Skar King seems to have tucked away just out of view.

A close-up of the enemy’s eyes reveals a strong splash of electric blue, not too dissimilar from the neon shade Godzilla is seen rocking in “Godzilla vs. Kong.” Add to this that the grim spine he wears might also be used as a weapon and the Skar King might have an arsenal that Kong just isn’t ready for. It’s good, then, that our true king of the oversized primates is wielding a Transformer-sized glove to turn the tide.

Sure, it might give Marvel fans a major case of déjà vu given that it even has the same color scheme as a certain Infinity Gauntlet, but who cares? We’ll see King Kong punch an oversized orangutan in the face while Godzilla probably shoots pink fire at him, and that’s true cinema. April 12, 2024, really can’t come soon enough.

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