Experts Break Down Just How Expensive Those Vacations Cost

Based purely on their traveling expenses, it’s fair to assume that the McCallisters are a financially stable bunch. Missing his family, we know that Kevin’s uncle Rob (played by Ray Toler in a deleted scene) paid for the whole trip. However, let’s imagine that Kevin’s family did pay for the trip because … Well, if their home is anything to go by, they might have been able to swing it.

The official “Home Alone” novelization by Todd Strasser confirms that Kevin’s dad is a businessman and that his mom is a fashion designer. Before we speculate on their finances, it’s important to pay attention to the one asset they hold that we’re privy to: their Winnetka neighborhood home, which Bloomberg says is one of the wealthiest places in America. Looper asked Trey Danna, a Seattle-based real estate expert and agent with over 30 years of experience to estimate the cost of the McCallister’s home. Assuming a 4.1% annual appreciation of real estate in the Winnetka area, Danna’s team estimated that the home cost about $620,000 in 1990. To afford this 6-bedroom home in 1990, Danna says the McCallisters would need an annual income of $175,000.

Today, that house would be north of $2.3 million — that’s over $542 per square foot. In 2012, The Chicago Tribune noted that the specific house used in “Home Alone” sold for nearly $1.6 million. If you were to buy the “Home Alone” house today, Danna noted that a potential buyer would need a down payment of $466,977 — essentially a 20% down payment. Yikes!

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