Fantastic Four Is Another Pedro Pascal ‘Daddy’ Role

In the comics, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman’s first child is a boy named Franklin who’s essentially a mortal-born deity. Like the Infinity Stone before him, he’s got the ability to alter reality. At least one version of his story sees him save the Multiverse from destruction, which, given the MCU’s current narrative arc, makes his potential inclusion all the more likely. Their second child is a girl named Valeria. Although she can’t change reality on a whim, she’s smart, the kind that can rival or surpass her genius father.

The Richards kids are cool, but honestly, that doesn’t matter because all children deserve love, and Mister Fantastic doesn’t have any to spare – his first love is and always will be science. In fact, the void where his heart is supposed to be is so vast that Reed Richards isn’t even a hero in every universe. So while Pedro Pascal is a phenomenal talent, unless Marvel is drastically changing Richards’ personality, the studio isn’t hopping on the daddy bandwagon — it’s flipping it over and dousing the wreckage in gasoline. Which kind of sounds like something Pascal would love doing, actually.

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