Glen Powell Says His Anyone But You Nude Scene Almost Killed Him

Glen Powell wasn’t the only one in very real danger while filming this specific scene in “Anyone But You” — a scene where Ben (Powell) and Bea (Sydney Sweeney) are hiking through a wild area in Australia and worry that a spider might be roaming underneath his clothes. As Sweeney revealed at the premiere, the arachnid that was used to shoot the scene took a bite out of her.

“There’s the spider itself, which actually bit me, and that was a whole thing,” Sweeney said, though she didn’t elaborate on what “a whole thing” entailed or whether or not she needed any medical attention. “And then we have the part of Glen bending over and me checking to see if there are more spiders.”

Even though Sweeney is engaged to restauranteur Jonathan Davino, the flirty vibe between her and Powell throughout the “Anyone But You” press tour hasn’t gone unnoticed, though the pair insist they’re just very good friends. Comments like this, where Sweeney basically says she spent a day staring at a naked Powell, won’t help, as she recalled during the red carpet interview, “I’m very acquainted with Glen now.”

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