Godzilla Minus One Has United Rotten Tomatoes Critics

Critics aren’t the only ones loving “Godzilla Minus One.” Being the first Godzilla movie from Toho in over seven years was more than enough to get fans hyped, but it doesn’t hurt that the film’s advertising campaign included some rip-roaring trailers. The build-up more than paid off when “Minus One” opened in Japan on November 3, the same day that 1954’s “Godzilla” introduced the world to the now-iconic movie monster nearly seven decades ago. 

On its opening weekend, “Godzilla Minus One” brought in over ¥1 billion, or about $6.7 million, at the box office, surpassing the ¥625 million that “Shin Godzilla” earned throughout its opening. It also broke new records for the country as Japan’s biggest IMAX opening for a live-action film, pulling in $1.2 million from just under 50 IMAX locations. The movie stayed at the top spot of the Japanese box office for three weeks until being bested by the sequel “Fly to Saitama – From Lake Biwa with Love -,” dropping it to second place by the end of its fourth weekend. “Godzilla Minus One” has currently grossed $19 million, which is bound to rise once the anticipated tokusatsu epic is released internationally on December 1. 

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