Here’s What Foxface From The Hunger Games Looks Like Now

Starring in “The Hunger Games” was a life-changing experience for Jacqueline Emerson. She was invited to audition for the role of Foxface after participating in an interview for fans of the books where she gave feedback on the series. Emerson felt an immediate connection to her character, telling Seventeen that she thought Foxface was really unique for making it to the final four in the games without having to kill any of the other tributes. “I think that’s really cool, especially when she’s thrown into this society where that’s what you’re brought up to do,” she added.

Emerson continues to hold the movie and her part in it in high regard as the years go by. To celebrate the film’s 10th anniversary in 2022, Emerson reflected on playing the intelligent and stealthy character in an Instagram post. “This story changed my life, in more ways than I can count,” she gushed. “I will forever be humbled by the small part I got to play in bringing this to life.”

The following year, in celebration of the movie hitting Netflix, Emerson posted a tongue-in-cheek tribute to “The Hunger Games” by mocking her on-screen death. Celebrating the film being on Netflix, the actor shared a clip of Foxface’s death by poisonous berries, before showing herself happily eating a handful of blueberries. “Check it out and let the nostalgia ROLL (as it def did for me),” she joked.

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