How Conor McGregor Really Feels About His Road House Nude Scene

Even though Conor McGregor eventually found himself comfortable enough to go nude for “Road House,” it took a bit of preparation to find the courage to pull the scene off. The fighter shared one such source of inspiration with People, revealing that he looked to director James Cameron’s 1984 science fiction classic “The Terminator.” More specifically, he looked to the scene where the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) arrives in the year 1984 from 2029, emerging from a ball of lightning wearing absolutely nothing and having to walk into a crowded bar to find clothes.

“I said to myself, ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger entered the movie business in a similar manner when he was standing on the thing in ‘The Terminator,’ so that kind of gave me a bit of confidence,” McGregor said of his mindset going into the scene. Considering that Schwarzenegger went on to great success following “The Terminator,” truly solidifying his transition from professional bodybuilding into acting, perhaps the same is in store for McGregor post-“Road House.” Only time will tell what his professional future holds.

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