How I Run a $5,500+ Per Month Side Hustle Empire in 3 Hours a Day

I never thought I’d have a successful business.

For years I jumped from shiny object to shiny object. I fell for every get-rich-quick scheme.

I was a wantrepreneur. Today I have a thriving business.

This is the exact step-by-step guide I used (steal to get started today):

1. Find a job you like

Not what you were expecting?

Everybody hates this step but honestly? The biggest impact in my creator journey was working a job I like. Why? It means there is zero pressure on the part-time thing.

Pressure can kill your dreams before they have time to take root. You have to have enough runway to think creatively, to dream and to ideate. If you don’t you’ll end up publishing obvious content into the void.

2. Find the time to create

Map out an average day. Write down every hour of the day. Then mark on it where your energy levels are the highest.

For me? I have the most creativity in the early hours (after some coffee). After lunch, I have a slump and after work, well I have about as much energy as a cat laying in the sun.

So when do I write? 6 am — 8 am.

Optimise your creating time around those high-energy hours.

3. Build a habit

To build a profitable business, you have to be the highest version of yourself.

The best way to get to that place is to consistently show up for yourself. To get good at doing the boring work. To find the emotional resilience to get through the hard times.

Write on Medium and learn how to write stuff that people want to read.

(I earn $2–4k on Medium each month).

4. Build a brand

I built the Part-Time Creator Club from frustration and an article. It took 2 years to get the positioning right & another six months before I realised it. Get clear on what you stand for, what your message is & who you are talking to dailytecnologia

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