How Many Times Does Tom Cruise Die In Edge Of Tomorrow On-Screen?

What’s brilliant about “Edge of Tomorrow” is how it subverts the cultural standing that Tom Cruise has. Cruise has carved out a generation-spanning reputation as an action superstar who always lives to tell the tale. From franchises like “Mission: Impossible” to “Top Gun,” Cruise is always portrayed as a perfect hero who laughs in death’s face. “Edge of Tomorrow” plays with this persona, flipping it on its head by being one of the few films to show the actor die. Director Doug Liman has also spoken about how “Edge of Tomorrow” is unique in that Cruise plays a coward. “The amount of times he squeals in this movie — he’s an amazing squealer! Other movie stars, in my experience, would have been more hesitant about being that vulnerable,” Liman said (via The Guardian).

In an interview with ScreenSlam, Cruise discussed the importance of death in “Edge of Tomorrow” and how it comes in many different ways, which is what makes the movie so compelling. “In this film, death is emotional and it’s also quite humorous,” he said, before discussing how he wanted the stunt team to make each death feel unique. Emily Blunt, for her part, loved having to kill Cruise several times, telling the same outlet that it was “so much fun,” adding, “I got to kill him in many different ways.” Of course, at the end of “Edge of Tomorrow,” Cruise’s character breaks out of his death cycle, but fans would love to see Cage thrust back into his nightmare — there’s been talk of an “Edge of Tomorrow” sequel for some time now.

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