How Much Older Is Martin Freeman Than Jenna Ortega?

Though, as we pointed out above, stories that feature this kind of narrative have always been controversial, they seem to be especially so in the post-#MeToo era. This is because so many of these types of stories from women of all ages feature the same common denominator, and that’s being put in an uncomfortable position by an older authority figure.

However, being that Todd Haynes’ “May December” has been incredibly well-received, “Miller’s Girl” could also end up getting a more positive reaction than these comments suggest. This is even with Jenna Ortega’s Cairo clearly being shown as the aggressor in the first trailer for the film.

Meanwhile, other X users pointed out that these types of stories are worth telling, even if they are somewhat disturbing. “If you think this sounds disgusting, yes, that’s probably the entire point of the movie,” wrote @CapCorgiTTV. “Uncomfortable stories are still worth telling,” they wrote in a follow-up post.

Either way, “Miller’s Girl” will have to contend with these kinds of readings when it is released in 2024. Its depth and quality will likely determine whether it’s seen as worthwhile once all the smoke has finally cleared.

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