Hugh Jackman Has A Big Condition To Return As Wolverine In Secret Wars

The report regarding Hugh Jackman’s future in the MCU comes following another scoop from @MyTimeToShineH, who previously hinted that one dead Avenger could return sooner than expected, suggesting Iron Man will reappear before the universe potentially reboots itself by the end of “Avengers: Secret Wars.”

While Iron Man returning in “Avengers: Secret Wars” might be a smart way to bring Robert Downey Jr. back into the fold as one of the MCU’s leading heroes, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has previously thrown cold water on the rumor. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Feige said he doesn’t plan on resurrecting Iron Man. “We are going to keep that moment and not touch that moment again,” he explained. “We all worked very hard for many years to get to that, and we would never want to magically undo it in any way.” It’s possible Feige may be trying to misdirect audiences from Iron Man’s potential return. The character’s last appearance in “Avengers: Endgame” was a perfect end to his story, so undoing that would be a tough decision.

As for Tobey Maguire, there were rumors the actor may be teaming up with Sam Raimi for a fourth entry in the original “Spider-Man” film series. However, there hasn’t been any concrete report confirming he will return to the role in the future. That said, there still seems to be some storytelling potential with an older version of Spider-Man in the MCU in “Avengers: Secret Wars.”

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