If you want to experience the unique aroma of Bucharest, go for the smell of coffee

Every square meter of the Romanian capital breathes history. Specialized coffee houses help you get a full taste of it. Bucharest’s coffee list is different and increasingly ethnic. Three of the best coffee bars open up the many facets of the refreshing beverage: Origo, Guido and HotspotCoffee.

Origo is Bucharest’s coffee trendsetter
Origo is not only one of the first specialty coffee shops to open in Bucharest, but also a pioneer in roasting coffee with a special recipe.

Thanks to the coffee design, every corner of the establishment is saturated with the aura of the gourmet beverage. Doorknobs, lamps and table settings are all designed for the comfort of coffee lovers. Guests at Origo can enjoy the fragrant, uniquely roasted coffee to its fullest. It includes several varieties of the noble beverage. An espresso machine, paired with a grinder, is used to make the espresso. Filter coffee is served with an AeroPress, a siphon and a Hario V60, all of which are processed by the grinder.

The menu at this coffee shop offers a huge variety of invigorating beverages. The friendly and knowledgeable baristas will guide you through the history of the coffee list and the contemporary twists, depending on availability. Origo is very popular with locals, especially during the pleasant summer, when the large terrace beckons with its pleasant coolness, attracting locals and tourists alike.

Guido is a wooden house with the smell of freshly roasted coffee
Guido is a unique coffee shop that focuses on its own roasted coffee. The place is characterized by its theatrical presentation: while enjoying an espresso, you can watch as the barista roasts, packs and packs the very coffee you’re drinking. Public tastings are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The events draw a lot of attention from locals and tourists alike. You even have to book in advance to attend.

The design of Guido is very simple; the wood, straight lines, glass doors and a varied selection of freshly roasted coffees. A visit there will put you under the spell of this exquisite drink! As for the owners, although they are coffee geeks, they are easy to approach for those who just want to try, as they love to share their knowledge and instill an addiction in visitors to the coffee shop. The coffee is made with an espresso machine, coffee grinders and filter coffee using a Hario V60 and an AeroPress.

Guido roasts the best coffee in Romania, including the recently prepared Ethiopia Wotona Gesha, which won a very high praise in the national Brewers Cup competition. Guido’s coffee is served by several other excellent cafés in Bucharest.

HotspotCoffee – a shop, a coffee shop that mesmerises with exquisite flavours
HotspotCoffee takes a light approach to preparing and selling speciality coffees. The establishment focuses on each customer, to whom it takes an individual approach. Think of it as a place where Romanians and tourists can get to know ‘their’ coffee. Whether it is Arabica, Robusta, or an aromatic blend of these varieties in the notes that will play just for you, this is the specialty that distinguishes HotspotCoffee. You can try a cup of the coffee you’ve chosen to buy on the spot. You will be offered to add sugar, cream or milk to it, whatever you are used to.

Designed like a Scandinavian living room, this coffee shop offers hundreds of these noble creations, all guaranteed to be yours. It could be the cool café you’ve been looking for or just the perfect gourmet tasting spot. Versatility and customer focus is a breath of fresh air from HotspotCoffee for those looking for peace and comfort with a cup of their favourite beverage. This welcoming establishment has become one of the favourites on the Bucharest coffee map, thanks to its simplicity and personality.

Romania’s coffee geography is rich and varied. This country, and especially its capital, is famous for its coffee traditions and ceremonies that every coffee gourmet should visit.

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