Is Robin In The Batman 2? A DC Movie Rumor Explained

There’s no doubt that with its influences of “Seven” (which fans theorize is a prequel to Batman), “The Conversation,” and “Zodiac,” Matt Reeves’ take on the Dark Knight was just that: dark. Like, really dark. It begs the question, then, of how and where Robin could fit in this world of cold-blooded killers and online cult leaders. Introducing a 13-year-old sidekick into a world where Batman used a severed thumb to crack a case would feel like a wild choice, but perhaps in this dark and deathly serious world, Robin doesn’t have to fly too far from the nest or Batcave.

If Dick Grayson does make an appearance in “The Batman Part II,” it might feel like a safer and more believable move to have Dick stay home and be aware but not involved in his caretaker’s evening activities. Perhaps he could stick around to keep Alfred company and learn more about the man who has taken him in from the other man who has spent his life looking after him. As is often the case, though, these are all hypotheticals for a film that has yet to confirm that anyone but Robert Pattinson as Batman will be part of the cast. We’ll be able to see for ourselves when “The Batman Part II” arrives in theatres on October 3, 2025.

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