Is The Viral ‘Robo Wants An Oreo’ Story True? Robocop Doesn’t Have ‘A Damn Clue’

The “RoboCop” Oreo story seems too specific to be made up entirely. There’s also a chance Peter Weller has simply forgotten about it after all these years. We may never know the full truth, but the viral anecdote blew up on X, formerly known as Twitter, and people are getting into arguments over what they think the reality is.

A poster on X uploaded the clip to the platform, which resulted in a number of comments from people with varying opinions. User @GeonnCannon immediately poked a hole in Randy E. Moore’s tale: “I want to believe the story with all my heart, but who carries eight Oreos around while they’re working? And then stuffing eight Oreos into his mouth at once?! I’m with Peter Weller on this, there were no eight Oreos. TWO maybe. Eight? Get out of here.” Exaggeration may be a likely culprit, but still, it wouldn’t explain Weller not remembering the Oreos at all. Others seem to think the story is more accurate than the actor lets on, like @PhoenixFlash4, who wrote, “I worked with an actor years ago who’d done a picture with Peter Weller. The stories he told me about working with Weller had a similar vibe.”

Still, the story has served its purpose blowing up online, as @Hank_HeyNow admitted, “Lol you would not believe how fast I searched [and] bought this [series] after watching this clip. Less than 30 seconds, I s*** you not.” True or not, this story is now one of the best things about “RoboCop.”

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