James Cameron Drops A Big Avatar 4 Detail

Plot details on “Avatar 4,” let alone “Avatar 3,” are slim. The last time we saw the Sully clan was in “The Way of Water,” when Jake and Neytiri lay their eldest child, Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), to rest. James Cameron has previously stated that the “Avatar” films will operate like a family saga, likening his sci-fi epics to the “Godfather” films, which follow multiple generations. In “The Way of Water,” Cameron puts considerable emphasis on the second generation of Sullys, setting up Lo’Ak (Britain Dalton), Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), and others as the future protagonists of the franchise. 

Based on that, it makes sense that Cameron would want to eventually show the younger characters as adults. While it may seem out of left field for “Avatar 4” to have a significant time jump of six years, that’s far shorter than the gap between the first “Avatar” and “The Way of Water,” which is about 15 years. Seeing as Cameron says that “The Way of Water,” “Avatar 3,” and bits of “Avatar 4” were all sort of shot together, it’s likely that the upcoming threequel takes place directly after “The Way of Water.” 

At this time, it’s anyone’s guess what “Avatar 4” will be about, as details are already minimal for the upcoming threequel. With a time jump confirmed, we obviously know that younger characters like Lo’Ak will (hopefully) be seen as adults, though it remains to be seen what exactly happens narratively to warrant a six-year gap. 

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